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About Us

About Us

Professional Contractor Services in Vancouver

The team at VG Professionals is made up of skilled tradespeople and industry veterans that are committed to providing the best possible home repair and upkeep services. We specialise in small-job home remodelling. If you need a skilled tradespeople but don’t know where to start looking, VG Professionals is the answer. We are aware of how difficult it may be to locate a skilled tradespeople who is available and how difficult it can be to check their references and feel confident in your decision. All of that preparation work has already been done for you by VG Professionals. When we send a skilled tradespeople into the field, we evaluate the calibre of their work, check their references, and even conduct a police background check.

When you contact VG Professionals, you can be sure that a professional will handle your job.

Since little jobs are the most difficult to find a professional to complete, VG Professionals concentrates on them. We believe that concentrating on small jobs goes beyond just being a business; it also serves the community. As an illustration, a slack railing for some elderly people can mean the difference between them maintaining their independence and losing it. VG Professionals will handle those tasks for you if you are unable or unable to handle the small repairs yourself.


We know that having to do repairs can be annoying, so we want to work with you to find the best skilled tradespeople to handle your small-job requirements. The professionals at VG Professionals specialise in house repairs. “No job is too little,” is our motto. But we are more than willing to take on the task for you if your job is “not so tiny,” such as replacing the plasterboard in a room, converting a tile floor to carpet, or painting numerous rooms. And we’re eager to hear from you so we can save you from all the hassles that home renovations and repairs can bring.